Tips on Creating Inchies

I have recently become addicted to inchies! I find the format so easy to work with, and the gratification is almost instant. However, I know that a lot of folks find them hard to work with due to their small size so I have put together some tips.

1. Utilize tweezers to assist you with the smaller items.
2. If you find it hard to cut images so small try inking around the edges to help 'blur' mistakes.
3. Try creating backgrounds on a larger sheet before cutting it into 1" squares.
4. Coat background with gel medium to lay items on rather then applying the fixative to each individual piece.
5. A tip a fellow artist showed me during our monthly meeting it to print your words on 8.5 x 11 label sheets and then cut out to apply (very clever!).
6. Most of all have fun!


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